Friday, June 8, 2012

We at NetScanTools support World IPv6 Launch Day and we would like to tell you that we are incrementally adding IPv6 support to our software. NetScanTools Pro 11 currently has a number of tools supporting IPv6. NetScanTools LE will be doing whois lookups of IPv6 in the next release. Here are the IPv6 enabled tools in NetScanTools Pro 11.30:
  • Ping (11.0+) and Traceroute (11.3+ only) both support IPv6 address targets both direct and through tunnels.
  • DNS Tools accepts IPv6 input for Simple Query, NSLOOKUP, DiG, Get Basic DNS Records and IP to ASN.
  • Network Neighbors (11.3+ only) shows the IPv6 equivalent of the ARP table.
  • Packet Flooder can target IPv6 addresses with UDP packets.
  • Packet Capture can capture IPv6 network traffic.
  • Country to IP or ASN shows IPv6 allocations by country.
  • Network Interfaces shows the IPv6 link local and global addresses assigned to each interface.
  • Whois accepts IPv6 global address input to find the ownership or assignment of those addresses. (11.3+ works best)
If you have NetScanTools Pro 11.30 and an IPv6 capable OS like Windows 7, please try these tools. You can even use ::1 as input - that's the same as or localhost in IPv4. Try a ping or traceroute to or a whois of 2620:0:1cfe:face:b00c::3. Be careful with Packet Flooder - use it with a link local address (starts with fe80:) of a nearby computer - don't forget the %scopeID number for link local addresses - see the IPv6 menu item to get the Scope ID.

Let us know if you like this hints and tips post.

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