Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool v1.99.1 Released

I have not said much about this tool in this blog. Here is a brief synopsis. Network Switches come in generally two flavors: managed and unmanaged. Managed Switches have an IP address and can have all kinds of internal parameters monitored and changed, as opposed to unmanaged switches that simply they do what they do without any user control.

Managed Switches usually have more than one way to manage them, the most common being a web interface, followed by SNMP v1, v2c and sometimes v3, CLI through telnet and finally a console connector on the front or back. Our tool uses SNMP v1 or v2c to communicate with the switch (or switches). [we will be adding support for SNMP v3 in the next major release of the program]

What it does: The Managed Switch Port Mapping Tools talks with the switch and 'maps' or analyzes the information to remotely find out the mac addresses of devices attached to the physical ports. It also attempts to find the IPv4 addresses that match the mac addresses and shows you many other parameters from the switch.

This tool is very useful to network technicians who must figure out what devices are attached to switch ports.

This new release fixes a few problems and enhances the speed and ability to map switches. You can read about it two places:

Download a 30 day trial copy today from either site.

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