Thursday, September 9, 2010

Podcast with Keith Parsons

On September 7th, Keith Parsons of interviewed Kirk Thomas about NetScanTools Pro and how it can be used by wireless LAN professionals. We covered a wide range of topics including using the Managed Switch Port Mapping tool and we even touched on NetScanTools LE. Keith operates almost entirely in a free roaming wireless world and focusses on the Wireless Lan aspects of life. He teaches classes, is a consultant and is an authority on wireless networking.

Now that I have your interest, please check out:

If you blink, you might miss the 40% discounts for NetScanTools Pro and the Managed Switch Port Mapping tool that are talked about on that page. Go listen to the podcast today!



Baron von EWA said...

Many thanks for the link to an interesting new blog to follow and for the 40% discount. I just used it to buy the USB version of NetScanTools Pro! Cheers, Eric

Kirk Thomas said...

Thanks! Keith knows more about wifi than many of us ever will. Enjoy! and your USB will be sent today.