Thursday, September 2, 2010

NetScanTools LE 1.30 Released Sept 1, 2010

Yesterday we released NetScanTools LE 1.30. This new release has many minor fixes and at least one fairly major bug fix: if you were using Automated tools and entered a long domain name AND had 'IP to Country' checked, it would shut down when it got to the IP/Country section. This problem has been fixed. We also did a lot of minor user interface fixes. We also updated WinPcap to 4.1.2 and SQLite to 3.7.2. As usual we updated the whois server and IP to Country databases.

If you already have NetScanTools LE 1.2 or earlier, simply start it, look for the notice that a new version is available and follow the instructions. If you have a purchased copy, it will find your keys. If you have a trial copy, you will get a new 30 day trial.

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