Tuesday, September 14, 2010

XBox 360 Slim Wireless MAC Address Problem?

Last night at midnight my son bought Halo Reach and the new XBox 360 Slim. When I got up he told me he couldn't connect to the wireless router. The first thing I did was check his XBox wireless settings which looked OK. Then I had him note down the XBox wireless MAC address from advanced settings - while he did that I noticed that the 'Wired MAC address' was significantly different.

Then we went to the router and checked the MAC he had entered in the list of authorized MACs in the MAC Filtering list. Fine - he typed it in right. Then I had him view the router logs. I saw right away that the MAC address that the XBox was trying to connect with was not the 'wireless' MAC address - it was the Wired MAC address. He change the router filter MAC list to match the Wired MAC address - problem solved.

Seems like an OOPS! Hope this helps someone.



azn2thpick said...

saw the same problem with 2 more of the new 360s. I think it's a universal problem with the new console.

Heatherdu said...

We are trying to get our new 360 slim to connect wirelessly through our router which has MAC filtering enabled. We ran into the same issue that you mentioned - we only entered the wireless MAC address with no success. When we added the wired MAC to the list we now get assigned IP, etc. just not DNS settings. I believe that even though the network adapter is integrated into the slim you essentially still need to use the MAC addresses for both the console AND the network adapter (wired and wireless). Just my best guess though....